See What Past Attendees Are Saying About Our Previous Vegas PMU Conference

I want to say thank you for the great conference and to give me an opportunity to meet all the great masters! I learned it a lot!


Great time with amazing people introducing Plasmasthetics and the Amazing Plasma Skin Tightening or Plasma Pen Treatment to the amazing beautypreneur who came to this amazing conference.


I don’t smile at early morning usually 😛😛 when you luv what you are doing for your life and future, you will have a big smile 😁😁😁


I'm so happy to attend the conference Microblading & PMU. Thank you, dear for your invitation🤗! @demidova_pm it was incredibly nice to meet you, and I'm grateful to you for teaching me how to work with the stretch marks and scars!


Thank you🙏 so much for organizing this incredible and inspiring conference. It was a lot of new knowledge📚. And thank you for the opportunity to meet new people from our field.


I am so delighted to be here and enjoy time with advanced professionals at such amazing Permanent makeup convention #vegaspmucon2018 !❤ This conference gifted me a chance to meet good friends, well-known speakers in our industry, and also get to know the new awesome people☺, it's so insiparational to acquire the soulmates all over the world!


I had an incredible time this past week at #vegaspmucon2018 learning so much from top artists in this industry. I’m so excited to be part of it and hope to continue to grow.


Left the Vegas PMU conference feeling so inspired and ready to create! I’m so thankful to do what I love every day and passionate about the PMU industry.


Amazing time at the #vegaspmucon2018 and so much passion for Scalp Micropigmentation!


Thank you for hosting and able to invite 12 MASTER Permanent Makeup Tattoo artistst from 8 different countries to come and share their passion with us. I am learning so much from all these PMU Master and can’t wait to share my knowledge and offer new service to my client.


Thank you so much for organizing this incredible and inspiring conference. It was [a source of] a lot of new knowledge. And thank you for the opportunity to meet new people from our field.


3 days of intense training and 13 certificates later and all these goodies going back home with much knowledge to provide the best service to my beautiful ladies🙌🏽🙌🏽


Kristina Melnicenco gave an excellent presentation and demonstration on Stardust Eyeliner which gives a soft, realistic look instead of a bold one. Oh, I wish that she worked on my eyes! Nyunh Pang educated us about shady brows, which mimics the makeup powder on the eyebrows, giving a soft look. Also, a gentler procedure on your skin and it lasts a year. Very fascinating!


Amazing time at this year Vegas PMU Master Conference. We had the honor to share the stage with this amazing and beautiful woman/beautypreneurs. Beyond exciting


Amazing time with wonderful colleagues at this #vegaspmucon2018


I'm very happy because I made the right choice when I decided to come to this conference! and today after 3 intense and marvelous days I would like to say thank you for hosting this event! You are amazing